Sunday, 4 May 2008

Taking it easy, post-op.

I travelled into Oxford yesterday morning at 0730, making my way to the Dentist for more surgery that would take approximately an hour and a half. I was approached twice for money on the short walk from the bus stop to the dentist... the streets still mainly deserted, except for one or two delivery vans and a street cleaner. Since my lovely man died, I have felt vulnerable and always think twice before going anywhere new and on my own... silly perhaps? More a sense of survival and preservation without a tall, strong man at my side. The possibility of being accosted or robbed never entered my head before he died.

The surgery went well, I awoke this morning to no bruising and no swelling... so different to the last time when I had a face like a balloon and a black eye that lasted two weeks. Perhaps the good recovery is due to being so relaxed in the dentist's chair. Having trust in someone works wonders.

I must not exert myself or do strenous exercise for a week, which would put undue strain on my immune system. So, the house was cleaned and tidied, the garden put right, bedding washed and shopping done... all pre-op! Now I can sow a few more seeds in the greenhouse and write away to my heart's content while drinking soup through a straw. Heaven, or what?


Puddock said...

Glad it went so well Jenny. I've been thinking about you and your teeth.

Take care and take it easy!

sctshep said...

Glad you're doing well. Your friend in St.Louis