Monday, 4 February 2008

Double-ended screws

For days I have been filling cracks in walls, washing down woodwork, sorting cupboards and drawers and putting the remains of 'Eygtian Sand' on the walls of the dining room. And, as is the custom of DIY, the curtain pole became loose and no matter how hard I tried, the screw would not hold. I trotted off to the local hardware-cum-ironmongery shop in the nearest town to ask advice from the nice man behind the counter, who has helped me out a bit in the past.

He ummmed and aarghed a little then said, 'what you need my love is a long screw'. I kept my eyes firmly lowered at the pile of screws I'd taken in with me, not daring to look him in the eye. 'Or, perhaps we could get away with a double-ended screw', he added. My lips remained firmly shut, while I desperately wanted to giggle. Luckily he remained deadly serious as I adopted a female 'haven't a clue' look. I ended up buying a complete new curtain pole complete with all fixtures and fittings, which amazingly fitted into the existing screw-holes on the wall.

Not so helpful was another man, in another builders' merchants where I'd gone to find replacement window latches and stays, of a certain measurement and style. Of course I couldn't find any and the said man muttered that I wouldn't find any like them in Oxford. However, daughter number one later suggested that I clean up the old ones and spray paint them with special metal paint. Brilliant idea!

While I have been occupied with all this decorating, Pebble attacks Banjo at every opportunity, lunging at her neck; (I think he must be at a difficult age in Cat terms). Banjo cannot tolerate this behaviour and 'beats him up' in return. Clumps of fur scatter the floor in each room. However, there has been a major breakthrough with Pebble's outdoor habits; he now goes in and out of the cat flap... mostly at dusk and dawn, so as not to be seen I suppose, so, no more litter trays!

As for their fighting, they will have to sort it out themselves while I continue to throw away junk and some memories that I no longer want to keep. The best memories are in my head.

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