Wednesday, 23 January 2008

When I stood next to Niagra Falls, the torrent of water gushing over the falls just a few feet away, mesmerised me and drew me nearer and nearer; hypnotically pulling me closer to the edge. I was not alone... other people including my lovely man said the same... there was something about the pull of the water that took away rational thought.

Today I felt much better and proudly looked people in the eye as they gazed at my black eye as I shopped in the local market town of Witney. The bruising is turning nicely black, and before long will diminish to a yellowy brown. The pain has subsided and I now feel human again. This must be how it feels to have cosmetic surgery I suppose! No matter how awlful I look and feel, my cats love me, and I them.

As for the dating site... advice to anyone thinking of trying it... don't!! Perhaps it's me... or perhaps the type of man I'm looking for is not on any dating website... or perhaps my photo and profile attracts a certain type of man who has no finesse, and jumps straight into the personal or sexual type of dialogue. Or, perhaps the problem is me... perhaps I'm just too picky. Or, maybe, it's the age range... older men may be too set in their ways and still have the neanderthal approach to chat-up lines. As a friend said to me recently... why not try for someone younger? Now, I ask myself, why on earth would a younger man be in the least interested in me when there are so many gorgeous young women around? Unless, I suppose, they thought I had pots of money! And, just supposing I managed to attract a younger man, what on earth would I do with him? Hmmm, I could think of something!

Just like Niagra, the dating site pulled me in and took away rational thought. I have just deleted a 'wink' from a very short sixty-something man who keeps lots of dogs who 'could show me a good time'. Is it me? I'm tempted to post a photo of me, complete with a black eye... that should put them off.

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Abba said...

Pretty funny stuff.