Thursday, 24 January 2008

To jump or not

At last the sun came out today and I spent a few hours outside tidying up the garden while builders worked on a house near by. Their voices carried across in the still air... one was talking about his proposed holiday at Easter, while one was singing along to the radio. One looked across at me, stared for a while and carried on working. Perhaps he could see my black eye from where he was standing on some scaffolding. Who cares?

Pebble sat at the open window gazing out, very interested in the birds, but too timid to actually jump out. For a wild cat he definitely likes to stay indoors. He and Banjo are currently in the throes of sorting out the hierarchy, so they fight at every opportunity, staring each other down, as cats do. I haven't a clue who is winning, but when the fighting becomes too violent, I step in, sending them running in opposite directions, just to let them know that I am at the top of the hierarchy in this household.

Hectic weekend coming up; stitches out at the Dentist in Oxford on Saturday, daughter number two staying the weekend and daughter number three calling in for lunch, along with her two boys. Hopefully, between us, we can mend the dishwasher with the plunger I've just bought.

No men on the dating horizon... I think all prospects have dried up... literally. Oh well, at least I tried. As for meeting someone face to face... they would really have to like purple, black and brown, especially around the eyes.

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