Wednesday, 2 January 2008


Beds and bedrooms are now back to their empty normal state, ironing now achieved for which I deserve a medal, Pebble booked into the Vets to have his pebbles removed, half a ton of logs ordered and two young grandsons sitting in front of the TV watching a DVD.

I didn't mean to, but I've just bought a pair of knee-high black leather boots at half price while shopping for oven cleaner. Ah well, that's female for you.

Other jobs for the next three days include, rearranging cupboards without identity and within which are items long past their sell-by date; a bit like me. Then on to sort old photographs ready to scan into my computer; I've been given Adobe Elements as a Christmas present and can't wait to 'play'. All this and still more research and sourcing of French or Shabby Chic items for my proposed Style Ideas business. Early days, but it's coming together slowly, and beats working for a large organisation.

Back to the important job of casting on stitches for my grandson's knitting, while the other one practices on his new Guitar. I brought down my father's old Italian Piano Accordian and discovered splits in some of the bellows, but we managed to drag out a tune or two.

I think the sorting may have to wait a while, knitting and music have taken precedence.

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