Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Male or Female

I thought so! Pebble is definitely Male; he is scared of almost anything and runs to hide in the most unobtainable places; he is also soft and very affectionate, not at all aggressive.

I suspected he was Male and the Vet confirmed it today; giving him his first jab and removed a nasty tick that I hadn't the nerve or expertise to attempt. I thought I was losing all sense of sexual observation when the Vet came to my rescue and assured me that it was very difficult to tell the sex of young cats and remarked that he was too pretty to be male ; phew! I was beginning to think I may as well give up on recognising any suitable male that may present himself to me in the future. He'd have to be well-groomed, have a cold nose, clean and like Pebble be very soft and affectionate; Oh, and a fewTiger-like qualities would be welcome too. Not that I'd recognise a chat-up line if it hit me in the face, as happened when shopping with one of my daughters; a man was asking my advice on hand creams in a very expensive French shop, so I duly gave him advice. He didn't seem to be listening to what I was saying, so I repeated my comments then walked away. My daughter told me how he'd been watching me and it was a chat-up line. I wondered why she'd yanked my granddaughter out of the way. Just as well... I wouldn't know what to do - it's been so long... and no, I can't ride a bike! It's not easy.

It's also not very easy finding Sainsbury's own kitten food pouches; especially when they're on an aisle nowhere near other cat food. I managed to grab the very last bag of cat litter; perhaps there's been a run on re-homing kittens in this area;(just thought - Fireworks, hence the need for more cat litter)?

I must go to the Gym... but kittens need a lot of attention... No, She, sorry, HE must do without me for an hour or two; must get all this into perspective.

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