Monday, 26 November 2007

Bath Revival

The full body massage and facial, followed by bathing in the thermal spa waters of the new Thermae Spa released all the pent up muscular tension and stiffness.

I felt uplifted, released, revived and renewed. My eldest daughter and I had decided to treat ourselves to a few days at Bath after the tensions that a family wedding can bring. It worked, and we both returned to normal day to day activities thoroughly refreshed and ready for anything.

The feeling of being complete, whole, relaxed and in control stayed with me as I saw old neighbours and people who were once my friends when I returned to the small town I'd lived in when bringing up my four daughters. So-called friends blanked me, remembering that I'd suddenly left my husband, home and youngest daughter over 10 years' earlier. They still had their prejudicial views, probably fuelled by much gossip at the time which must have distorted the actual truth.

Did I care? No... their opinions did not affect me. I smiled at them even though they turned their backs on me. I walked tall amongst them and didn't give a damn.

Everyone should enjoy a Bath Revival now and again.

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Abba said...

Hi Jenny B. I just read your new post. A bath at Bath looks neat. Is it for women only?

Again, you're a good writer and I enjoy your photos as there are no ancient bath houses in Los Angeles, just hip spas. But there are so many today, all it takes is dollars, pounds or euros.

Four daughters, eh? I have one of each. both married and living near Philly and Boston. Boston is a cool college town and great tourist location.

Anyway, have an enjoyable massage. Ciao.Abba