Tuesday, 3 November 2009


I'm now wearing my third temporary tooth veneer... long story...; have just had stitches out on a back molar that is being prepared for something 'big'; about to go back to the hairdresser - highlights were non-existent but cost me a lot; a skirt I'd ordered doesn't seem to appear from M&S...

While annoying, none of this is life-threatening, just a sad indictment of today's consumer society and lack of something... be it organisation skills, shop training, lack of listening skills?? Whatever the cause, I now come to expect these things whenever I venture out to buy something.

So, what joy to have my son-in-law come over immediately to fix my new surround-sound system that was buggered up somehow during last week's half term break!

Having watched the drama 'Into the Storm' recreating Churchill's time in office during WWII, I have decided to adopt one of his mantras: Keep Buggering On... KBO! So apt in this current climate. And 'Bugger' is a word I've always loved using... so quintessentially British!

KBO - everyone!


Hogday said...

You know, I actually go out into the world of shopping/consumer service EXPECTING: crap service, staff who know less about the products they are selling than I do, Cro Magnon communication skills and general indifference. I am never disappointed but very occasionally surprised and delighted.

Kippers Dickie said...

Well said Hogday. I am just the same. 100% with that.
As Jenny says Keep Buggering On.
Do you know when I send off for something...I just expect it not to tun up.....or if it does...I expect to receive the wrong items. Amazing.

Puddock said...

KBO - I love it! Keep Buggering On will now become my mantra, to be muttered when I am stuck in traffic, when I am struggling interminably through big company telephone systems and when I'm finding new, fresh leaks in this new, fresh house of mine...grrrr!