Friday, 16 October 2009

Real issues

Despite recent disputes and arguments between two of my daughters, which has really saddened me; a little malnourished mite, abandoned by her owner has come into our lives. Her new name is Bubu; found staggering and hardly able to keep upright, outside my daughter's house, just a fragile bag of bones, almost completely blind and deaf, with back legs collapsing beneath her as she made one more attempt to get some food from anywhere she could.

One week later she is now rehoused with another daughter, is still partially blind and still deaf, is eating little and often the special food and vitamins my daughter and her husband are giving her. She can now walk a little better and yesterday, for the first time, her tail went in the air and she managed to purr in gratitude. She lives on the sofa and can find her way to the kitchen, bumping into a few items on the way.

I hope my daughters can see the bigger picture here... despite their arguments, there are creatures who are in dire circumstances that put other things into their rightful perspective.

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Puddock said...

Sweet little cat - glad she's improving.

Glad also to see you're back in the blogosphere! How did the move go? Are you still a widow in Oxfordshire or have you gone somewhere else? I've just moved too - been here a week now. Did you find the move absolutely knackering? I feel worse now than I did when I moved in. The house and town are fine, it's just that I feel lonelier than ever, and fed up having to do EVERYTHING myself. I expect it will pass but it's very tiring. Anyway, hope you are happy in the new house :)