Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Not more poppies!?

It's good to get my brushes out again... and I'm really pleased with this latest Poppy; taken from my garden this afternoon, plonked in a vase and it seemed to go right from the moment I started painting. Some days are like that... everything seems to slot into place like a jigsaw.

I've been ill for weeks and having completed a course of Antibiotics (at last), I'm beginning to regain my energy and sense of humour. So, we (the ex-Green Gymmers) are off to RHS Wisley tomorrow for the day. The forecast is lots of rain and heavy cloud, so I've water-proofed my not-so-waterproof jacket and will just grin and bear the weather.

I have to do something to cheer myself up now that Gordon isn't going, and the latest winner of Apprentice was not my favourite, and that Saralan is to be the new Business or Enterprise Tzar for Labour!!! Perhaps there should be a 'Big Brother' series just for Parliamentary Ministers, or in Saralan's case, 'I'm a Celebrity... get me in there'! It's another way for the poor darlings to get extra cash on the side!

As for Sarkosy's glaring rudeness in not inviting the Queen to the D-Day celebrations, and Brown's incompetence and evident self-promoting mentality... are big Egos on the increase? Or am I turning into a Grumpy Old Woman?

Back to the Easel and Brian Adams...


Hogday said...

Practice makes perfect poppies.

Hogday said...

PS, If the BBC DID do a TV show for MP's to prove their worth, do you think it would be a combination of Saralan's Apprentice and big brother? Perhaps it would really work? They could call it "Big Wanker"

Richard said...

Hello :o) been meaning to comment about your poppy painting. I love it. A beautiful piece of work. More, more, more.