Sunday, 18 January 2009


It has taken me a couple of days to reinstate (hopefully) my toolbar (while creating a post) in order to upload photos and pics. I don't know what I've done... playing around again! Well, here goes.

It all went wrong when I was playing around with transliteration! I just wanted to see what my text looked like in Hindi. For some reason or other, while trying to get back to basic English, I clicked on something that deleted my toolbar. The only way I'm writing this blog is by editing the draft copy that went horribly wrong. This may become a case for the blog help center if this doesn't work! Meanwhile, in frustration I have scrubbed three large fitted carpets - on my hands and knees. What else is a lonely widow to do on a Sunday?

Today I did my Garden Design course homework and braved the elements to go out and measure my garden after spending a long time looking for the metal measuring tape that I knew I'd put somewhere safe. I found it in my bedside table drawer! I know. Why would I want a measuring tape next to my bed? I need to eat more blueberries and drink more coffee in order to ward off Alzheimers.

I had a surprise today when going into the recently 'held up by armed robbers' post office. As I waited to be served, in walked 'little man from the Jacuzzi', he of amourous notions who is also married, but still keeps trying to get my attention. "ello", he says. "What are you doing here?" says I. "I'm doing some decorating here." he replies. He then goes to the back of the post office where he is obviously doing some work. I can't seem to escape the little man. It was quite strange to see him fully clothed and wearing a woolly hat... up close and with his eyes level with my chest! It all seems to happen here in this remote little village, miles from the Gym and Pool where I usually bump into him!

At the moment my life seems a little surreal... if not confused!


Hogday said...

Well it sure beats, "The Archers" ;)

Puddock said...

Re the little man - it's a good job you don't believe in fate! Or do you?

I am so excited to see that coffee is good for something. I'm a four cups a day girl but had just started to cut down after being told by my homeopath that it was poison (!). If the research is as definite as it sounds then I would rather risk almost any other disease to avoid Alzheimer's so maybe I'll get back to normality - yum yum!