Sunday, 4 January 2009

Cold and Quiet

When I peeped around the Roman blind in my bedroom at seven thirty this morning to look outside, I first noticed the swathe of ice across every surface, but what grabbed me most was the quietness; no cars, no birdsong, no wind gusting across the open field and more noticeably, no banging doors from my immediate neighbours. They must be having a Sunday lie-in, thought I. The quiet was short-lived, as the neighbour's back door banged - as if on cue.

I have become used to their door-banging, but my Christmas visitors were not. What to do in these situations? I've already mentioned to my friendly neighbour, in passing, and lightly, with a smile, that their door banging did sometimes wake my visitors up, and was assured that they would try not to - bang, that is! But, somewhere along the path of daily life their assurances were forgotten. While I do not wish to fall out with my neighbours, especially over a trivial matter, I do wish they'd be a little more considerate when I have people staying. I know there's nothing wrong with their back door, as I've tested it out myself while cat-minding. I suppose some people just like to make sure the door bangs shut.

Elsewhere, outside the air is calm and still. It's on days like this I wish I could really paint well.


Puddock said...

Happy New Year Jenny!

My husband was a terrible door-slammer. He didn't seem to be aware of it, or maybe he was and didn't care. Our kitchen door is right below my son's bedroom but day or night, he would bang that door with gusto. I couldn't do anything to stop him.

And you WILL be able to paint really well - you've only just begun. Keep at it and you'll be capturing next winter in paint for us all to enjoy!

Julian Meteor said...

I slam doors ONLY to help remove teeth.

Happy New Year BTW!!!!!! lol

Hogday said...

Neighbours. Can't they just make or break your hometime (and their doorframes). Strong in arm and thick in head...Oxford born and Oxford bred?
Perhaps you should tell them you're a Wicca High Priestess and that you are forgiving them for all their door bangings because you are now summoning up help to cure it, `from another source of energy`. Make sure you have Banjo in your arms when you tell them!