Sunday, 11 January 2009

Blog Therapy

The Mail on Sunday today has an article on 'blogging' and the therapeutic rewards it can bring. Some regard blogging as either a pastime for 'saddos' or a vehicle for self proclamation and ego-boosting. I never considered why I started to blog eighteen months' ago, only that it gave me an outlet to my grief.

Living out in the wilds of Oxfordshire, with no immediate friends to talk to, while struggling to get over the loss of my lovely man; writing to an invisible listener was (and still is) for me, therapy of the best kind. It is exactly like keeping a diary of thoughts, but with the added benefits of having like-minded or very kind people comment with useful or just kind words. Those of an insensitive nature think it's a way of just saying exactly what you like and getting away with it. No, no, no... it is (for me) replacing a very expensive therapist, who after all, just listens.

I didn't expect anyone to respond to my ramblings, yet I have made a few friends in the process who seem to understand where I'm coming from, or at least, keep me going with their kind comments. Only one person has upset me over my blog writing and luckily they are no longer able to contact me.

In short, thank you blogger friends for listening. Not all of us have such fulfilling lives as those who throw scorn at bloggers!


Hogday said...

Quite agree JennyB. I really enjoy doing a bit of blogging, so thanks for getting me into it.

As for the dissenters, it's one thing to protect one's identity for personal, safety and security reasons, but its another to hide behind anonymity in order to pour scorn or to abuse. You`re quite right not to indulge the morons, muppets and overly in-bred. A quiet deletion says so much more than giving them the dignity of a response!

Richard said...

I bet those people who call bloggers 'saddos' have never had a blog of their own. I've become very fond of mine and found it great for blatant self promotion of my work :o) Anyway i enjoy your ramblings from Oxfordshire and i REALLY love seeing the photographs and paintings that you post.

JennyB said...

Thank you Hogday and Richard... I feel I can continue rambling without feeling as though I'm a sad person... however, in truth, I suppose I am... sad that is. I think it is the need to write that spurs me on; ever since writing short stories for my brother and my friends when I was a child - I loved it!

Keep blogging!

Nicola said...

Hi, yes, please keep blogging, your blog is a breath of fresh air amongst all the other stuff I wade through online. Even if I can't always read it as regularly as I would like, always find great photos and thoughts here, thanks !

JennyB said...

Thank you so much Nicola... it's so good to know that my ramblings are appreciated by a few. x

Puddock said...

People who are in on the secret of blogging know the value of it - who cares what the others think?

One of the things I like best about blogging is that it is publication without having to run the gauntlet of editors, agents and amateur critics. For years I dabbled in writing, entering competitions, going to a writers' group, and gave up in the end because I never got anywhere near publication. Here in the blogosphere, I write and other people read - simple as that. I LOVE it!

As well as that, of course, there are the new friends (hi Jenny!), the like-minded people and the giggles - what's not to like?

Anette said...

Hi Jenny.. I enjoy reading your bloggs..and i think you're a really great artist.! I will follow you to see more great paintings and pictures..

And must say that i started blogging for the same reasons too.. just somewhere i could write stuff that was on my mind and not really have to answer for it... something i would have to do if i told actual people.
I've had to remove some things because now they hurt too much to read but it was very good for me to get all the anger and heartache out at the time.. so keep blogging.. It really is good for you.

hugs from Anette, Norway.