Friday, 8 August 2008

A bucket load of men

What good responses I've had to my last post - my dilemma regarding a need for a good old rogering! I admire those of you who can talk to your grown-up children about these matters... I can't; not because of their reaction, but because of my not wanting to embarrass them or myself. For me, it's a delicate matter, best discussed with other women.

Last night, while sat in the hot bubbling jacuzzi, I got talking to a new member of the Gym; a tall, well-spoken man somewhere in his forties I'd guess. It was good to talk without there being any underlying sexual agenda. Person to person. Little amorous man was nowhere to be seen last night, nor was he around tonight when I again saw my newly-found friend who talked to me whilst we languished in the Jacuzzi. He spoke of his children and wife etc, and I told him about my Dry-Stone walling course. We laughed and were relaxed... so much better than being wary of sexual advances.

I came away from the Gym wishing I could find a man like that who was interesting to talk to, normal, pleasant, funny and devoid of self-importance and pride, who also was attractive - it's just a pity he was too young and married.

So, I have now come to the decision that should a man be the right age, unmarried and just as pleasant as my new Gym friend, then he can bring on the sexual advances in bucket loads... I'm ready!


Puddock said...

Sounds like a nice bloke - jacuzzi man, I mean. Pity he's married. DOn't worry about him being younger. My son told me a formula for figuring out if an age gap is 'decent' - you half your age and add seven. Working out my age range put a smile on my face, I can tell you! Not that it's likely to happen but an old woman can dream...

Have you thought about speed dating? I've signed on with the introduction agency but things are moving very slowly, and anyway I am beginning to wonder if the kind of men who sign on with this kind of company are maybe a bit conventional and staid for me. SO I've been wondering about speed dating. Looking around the internet, it isn't all for youngsters. They have nights for different age-groups. I have almost decided to give it a go. If nothing else, you get to assess a load of men in one go, which should help you figure out what you like in a guy. And it's a night out in a relatively safe environment.

JennyB said...

I too, smiled when I worked out my 'decent age gap'. Speed dating sounds better than computer dating which only works for computers!

Any tips on the best site to try?