Thursday, 17 July 2008

Hollyhocks and people

I have been growing hollyhocks for several years and love the surprise of their colour, for it never seems to stay the same. I'm not one for meticulously labelling everything in latin and love the surprise of an unexpected colour. Hollyhocks are like some people; flowers that can take some time to emerge and seem beautiful, but one or two plants despite their beauty can have an affliction of fungus that detracts from their overall beauty. Yep, it's good old human nature again... just when you think you have found someone 'nice', they say or do something that makes you back off.

One or two of my fellow Green Gymmers have surprised me in their abruptness, rudeness, thoughtlessness or selfishness. Such is the nature of human beings. But, for every one afflicted with a bit of fungal rust, there is another who is without blemish and who shines through.

Mama Mia... I sat with two of my daughters and laughed my socks off! It was a delight from start to finish and who'd have thought that Didcot on a Tuesday evening could be full of laughing, happy, mainly women, tumbling out of the new cinema complex talking animatedly about the film that was made on a budget and was ten years in the making due to the reluctance of Producers to take it seriously! Who cares if Mr Brosnan and Co didn't hit every note perfectly... it didn't matter because the sentiment was there, and people in the audience were shedding tears of sorrow one minute, and tears of laughter the next. Forget the critics, the film is a must... a 'feel-good' film that lifts the spirits. Highly recommended.

I wish some of my 'hollyhock' acquaintances in The Green Gym could 'let go' and just be themselves instead of making other's lives just a little less enjoyable.


Puddock said...

So glad you had fun at Mamma Mia. It's great to get out and be normal isn't it? I'm a bit ahead of you in that I started going out to concerts and even films on my own earlier this year. I wouldn't hesitate to go alone now - the only thing is, and I hope I can explain this properly, that having proved that I CAN do it alone, I really, really don't WANT to do it on my own any more. Aargh!

Sorry for your experience with those Green Gymmers. That's another case where you miss having that big friendly ear at home to whinge to. Talking to the dog (or cat!) just isn't the same.

Hope you have a great weekend :)

Puddock said...

I've just spoken to a friend and we're going to see Mamma Mia tonight!