Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Short breaks, acting and politeness

I am still basking in the relaxing thoughts of staying at 'Goddards' despite coming home to a missing and traumatised kitten who has now relaxed and is no longer permanently attached to my chest for safety.

Tomorrow I'm off to Yorkshire for two days and this time, my daughter is coming over to feed the cats. My friends live in Spofforth, not pronounced as you'd think, and it took me a little practice to master it. Two very good, loyal friends they are too, having been through some dark and some happy days with me and my dear departed. We have often shared our anguished thoughts when going through divorce, financial settlements and poverty; also some very good times celebrating happy events and being there for each other providing either broad or puny shoulders to cry on. I will be able to relax and enjoy their company, knowing that I can speak without carefully watching my words, and that I can be open with them about my circumstances without them taking offence. This is so refreshing in a world where so many proud and ignorant people have their swollen heads firmly stuck up their own backsides and hence unable to see the real world around them. We have all met them sometime or other in our lives, and unfortunately, often at our place of work where we can't avoid them.

Whenever my lovely man and I went on holiday, we could remove ourselves from the pretence and workplace crap that turns us into shadows of what we really are; meeting deadlines and being polite to the impolite and stupid. When in this frame of mind, I really don't want to join the high octane world of corporate business again and so, being a costumed historical character at Oxford Castle might be what I'm looking for now. I so enjoyed dressing up for the Murder, Mystery Dinner at Goddards and found myself really getting into the part of the Marchioness DuChamps, so much so that my daughter remarked afterwards that she thought my acting was exceptional - I think she was being kind, (or polite)!

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