Sunday, 6 January 2008

Across the field, do you think?

We had walked for a good three miles before the boys exclaimed they were hungry and cold. Should we cross the farmer's field or walk the long way round? I was cold and the wind was from the North; biting and brisk. "Okay boys, lets walk the long way..." "Oooh," they exclaimed with disapproval. I walked on, they could follow or not... they followed. Before long we were home and dry. Cheeks were red from the cold and the house was warm. Time for another exiting DVD, knitting, home-baked muffins and tea.

While the boys watched Hornblower Disk 2 I sneaked upstairs to log on to the Dating Agency I've recently subscribed to. Perhaps it's me, or perhaps there are no suitable men out there, but, the photos I see are not particularly attractive. Men of my age range seem to have let themselves go a bit! Teeth, if present, are yellow or grey; hair, if any, is either sparse or like an overgrown lawn. Most, do not smile, but either grimace or frown, or both. I think men, generally need a long training course in how to appeal to the opposite sex. I despair. I have had offers from 35 year old men who still live with their mother, or from men in their seventies or eighties who think I'm wonderful. Where are all the suitable 50 - something men who have taken the trouble to look after their teeth and hair?

As Wogan would say, "Is it me?"

While I don't particularly care if a man has hair or not, I do like a man to have teeth! When a man posts his details on a dating website, I hope there will at least be something along the lines of: colour of eyes, hair, height, likes and dislikes etc. I made the mistake of being overly curious of a man who had failed to fill out any of the above boxes, and emailed him to ask why. He played a game of 'cat and mouse' until I eventually coaxed him into sending a photo. Then I saw why.

I can't help but compare the profiles of interested males with my late husband. Perhaps I'm just not ready yet... either way, none so far has matched my darling man. Perhaps online dating sites attracts certain types of which I have discovered I am certainly not interested in.

So, I have to ask myself, 'Do I want a full-on relationship? Or, do I want just a sexual relationship? In the interests of friends and daughters who may read this; I can't answer that question.

I would be grateful of some advice...

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