Thursday, 1 November 2007

Whizzes and Bangs

We've had a major breakthrough, Pebbles and me. I approached her, singing and pretending not to be interested in her as she huddled against the back of the dining room chair under the table. I put my hand close and before she could scamper off I tickled her under her chin and behind her ear - Yes! She liked it and began purring, then rolling over so that I could tickle her tum. That's when I noticed an engorged tick on the end of her tail. What do I do about a tick? I can't apply a lighted cigarette; a. because no way would this kitten allow me near with one, and b. I don't smoke! So, I phoned daughter number four, and on it's way to me is a tick remover which apparently resembles a miniature pick-axe. The kitten is gradually being de-wormed, although she doesn't know it, (through her food); any fleas will soon be zapped with magic kitten stuff; all courtesy of daughter number four who is a senior veterinary nurse and who is gradually treating me as her mum again after so long in the cold. The only thing left to conquer is Banjo... hmm.

Bonfire night approaches and I shall be staying in each evening, giving the Gym and miss until all the whizzes and bangs are over. Mind you, I wouldn't mind a few whizzes and bangs myself!

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