Sunday, 14 October 2007

Twelve years

His little face lit up as I walked into the room; he staggered towards me unsteadily, having only just mastered walking upright for the first time. His eyes sparkled and the smile on his perfect round face gave away the pride and pleasure of his recently achieved skill.

"Who's a clever boy then?" I said enthusiastically; he staggered quickly to his mum putting his head against her leg in shyness, then I crouched down, opened my arms wide and said, "come to Nana..." Amazingly my little grandson; not quite 13 months, and not that familiar with me, ran unsteadily towards me and I scooped him up in my arms kissed him on both cheeks and put him down again. He chuckled in happiness. It was a magical moment for me.

The event may not seem of much importance, however, it was a step nearer to reconciliation with my youngest daughter after 12 years of being estranged; although the last few years have gradually been getting better, this weekend was a milestone. We all went shopping together; daughters number two and four and my newest grandson, having lunch and fun.

It wasn't planned; a phone call to go to my granddaughter's school firework display and the added bonus of daughter number four suggesting shopping and lunch with me... perhaps the next 12 years will be warmer.

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