Friday, 31 August 2007

One of my Cotswold photographs

After driving around the Cotswolds for the past three days, I finally settled on the above photo to represent my idea of living in the Cotswolds. Yes, I know it looks very chocolate boxy, but for me it sums up the hundreds of little cottages tucked away down little lanes among the rolling hills west of Burford.

I have over a hundred more photos, and if I can remember how, I shall post a few more. What struck me most was the abundance of cars, vans and tourists blocking every view. I have heard of a program that will remove all unwanted obstacles from pictures - sounds like a good idea, but, people and cars show a true representation of the area these days.

Thank you Richard for your advice re taking Landscape pictures. I didn't realise until now, just how tiring it is to be out and about all day looking for the perfect shot. In the end, I became snap-happy and then spent hours on the computer sorting them out. I have been approached by middle-aged men wanting to know what I'm doing - Hmm, with a camera in my hand I felt like saying, 'I'm flying a kite'! People get quite tetchy and I need to know if I'm breaking any law or code of conduct when taking photos of a road with cottages lined neatly along it.

Even if I don't win the local competition, I now have enough photos to make several calendars, mouse-mats, and greetings cards. It's an idea!

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Richard said...

First of all, a great picture Jenny. Nothing the matter with chocolate box - its postcard and calendar material. Don't worry about breaking any laws by taking images in a public place. you can legally photograph anywhere unless a sign says its prohibited.

It is tiring looking for images but you'll start to become MUCH more selective about what you shoot as you go on. Be ruthless with your editing of images.

A picture editing program will help your photographs to look like you want them to. i took your photo and in five mins on photoshop got this...go to this web page to see

I'll have a look for some good software and give you some suggestions soon. The main thing is..did you enjoy taking your pics?